Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{ Quilting and knitting don't add inches to my hips }

Besides working on two different knit socks, I've been doing some cookie baking. Two baby showers, Easter, and a communion are all requiring I spend more time with my Kitchen Aid than my Singer. The cookie baking/decorating is fun, and tasty, but I find I'm missing the relaxed state I'm in when I set up the sewing machine and pop a good dvd into the player. I really enjoy quilting, every aspect from the cutting to the binding. Guess I love the final product, a lot. The quilt gifts  are appreciated and loved when they go to their new homes. I have three on deck....one for me, one for my sister as a Christmas gift and the other for my niece's classroom. I really need to find more time to sew.

That said,  here's some of the cookies from last weekend. Inspiration from The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle and Lizy B .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{ Weekend Cookie Baking }

We have a new baby in the family. A sweet little boy. I spent some time making cookies this past weekend. This cookie decorating thing is still an ongoing experiment. Some aspects of the decorating process are coming easier to me than others. I definitely have to work on my writing skills.

PS: See the little green heart with yellow polkadots in the front? I dropped it and there's a dent. I didn't catch it before I took the photos. I did switch it with another heart. Just buried that one way underneath the others. {shhhhh}

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{ Bluebirds and Daisies }

For last week's baby shower I offered to make some cookies that would be given out as part of the favor. I had purchased the cutest set of cookie cutters, momma and baby bird. I finagled a bit and merged the two cutters to make one cookie. Worked out great! So, 65 cookies pairs and 65 daisies later..........

You'll notice three different styles of daisy decorating. I was experimenting. I prefer the one with the piped outline. Next time that's the way I'll do them all.

And, I flavored some of these cookies with almond flavoring instead of vanilla flavoring. Yum-my! Besides smelling incredible as they baked, they tasted amazing. {Yes, I made a few extras for sampling purposes. I had to know if they tasted good...wink, wink} I used decorating tips from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle for the birds. She's so talented and new cookie decorators {me} can learn a lot from her.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

{ Meadow Friends baby quilt is done }

By the time this is posted, the  baby shower will be underway and there will be no risk of blowing the surprise. I finished up a couple weeks back and just took photos yesterday while the weather was nice. It's my first "plus quilt" but it won't be my last. I know it's a simple pattern but it's perfect for a little boy or when a gender-neutral quilt is needed.

I found a great tutorial and printable at  For the Love of George . I cut into the fabrics on a crappy Saturday afternoon and was ready to start laying out the pieces not too long after. I love this fabric collection! The prints are so cute and I even have enough left for a second quilt! You can see the fabrics HERE.

It's been awhile since I basted and quilted something on my home machine. I've been sending the larger quilts out to be professionally quilted. I'm not confident enough to try anything other than straight line quilting on a small quilt. It all can together nicely. I'm hoping this quilt gets lots of use.

Monday, March 3, 2014

{ Socks, did I hear someone say socks? }

I'm on track with my goal of one pair of knit socks per month. Actually,  I'm ahead of the goal so far, I cast on my fourth pair this morning. Both of these pairs are being gifted to friends we'll be meeting in Colorado next week.

The first pair is knit from Knt Picks Felici Sport. The colorway is Stream Bed. This yarn is a dream to work with. It's sooooo soft. Merino wool is definitely my favorite yarn to work with and Felici is priced right too. Well, it was priced right. {Sniff, sniff} The Felici Sport line was discontinued some time ago and I believe the Felici fingering weight is going bye-bye too. I have enough yarn for maybe 5 additional pairs. I wish I had bought more.

These socks were knit with DROPS Fabel 75% Superwash wool/25% Nylon. I love the Vanilla Latte pattern that's free on Ravelry. I think these are the third pair I've made using that pattern. This wool isn't as soft as Merino but they feel very comfy on the feet. And yes, I must try on every pair I knit even if they're not for me.

Friday, February 21, 2014

{ Lattice Quilt for Steph}

I'm a little late getting around to posting photos of the quilt I finished for Steph's Christmas gift. The pattern is Lattice Quilt by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter and the fabric is Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings. This fabric line was perfect to match her living room colors and would even coordinate with her bedroom. Two thumbs up!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

{ Welcome back The Walking Dead }

My sister and I are The Walking Dead junkies. She watches in Florida and I watch in NY. We text each other during the show and both watch every marathon AMC runs. {I think I've seen season one  15 times}
Last year and this year we were able to be together to watch the return of the show after the mid-season finale. It's a bonding experience for us.

I brought a special surprise with me on the plane from NY to FLA.... zombie/walker cookies, complete with some bloody guts and exposed brains. I made ' just brain ' cookies too.
Before the addition of guts.

After the enhancement, displayed lovingly by my sister atop her dining room table. 
 My sister loved them! She {we} ate some and decided to save some to display in her office. I'm not sure how long they'll last before they get moldy but she'll hang on to them as long as she can.
This guy's my favorite. I bit his arm off the first chance I got. It was delish!